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San Bernardino Locksmith Locksmith Talks About Exterior Home Security

When deciding what security measures are right for their home, most homeowners are thinking about locks and alarms.  One San Bernardino Locksmith Locksmith says, the place to start is the exterior of your home.

The first thing the San Bernardino Locksmith locksmith said homeowners should do, is make sure that trees, plants, shrubs or even tall grasses are not blocking the view of your ground floor windows and doors. 
Do you have large or bulky lawn furniture or decorations blocking the view?  If you do, move them.  If your plants make it hard to see your door or your windows, cut them back. 

Our San Bernardino Locksmith locksmith was adamant that homeowners must remove these hiding places.  Thieves will use shrubs and other obstacles, that obscure vision, to hide behind while they pick your lock or break in your window.  Since thieves don't want to be seen, if there are no hiding places for them, they may just move on to another home. 

Another key problem homeowners seem to have, is leaving tools around for the burglars to use.  The San Bernardino Locksmith locksmith told us that, most burglars will use simple tools, like screwdrivers and hammers to break into your home.  Keep these tools put away in a secure location.  If you store them in a shed, keep that shed locked.  Don't leave tools laying around where anyone can pick them up and use them against you.

With that in mind, our San Bernardino Locksmith locksmith said that, if you have a ladder, don't store it outside.  You may have used the best security measures to secure the windows and doors on the ground floor of your home, but that will do you no good, if you leave a ladder sitting against your home and the burglar uses it to get into a second floor window.

The San Bernardino Locksmith locksmith also told us that homeowners who have basements, tend to overlook that area as a security risk.  Basements provide an excellent entry point for most thieves.  They usually have secluded outside entrances and any windows it may have are right against the ground. 

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